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Ben Hogan Golf Names Scott White President & CEO

Founder Terry Koehler passes the baton to a seasoned industry veteran.

FORT WORTH, TX, August 3, 2016 – The Board of Directors of Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company today announced that Scott White has been named President & CEO, succeeding Terry Koehler in that role. In his new role as Founder, Koehler will focus his attention on continued product innovation, and serve as special counsel to White and the Board of Directors. Koehler will continue in his role as member of the Board.

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The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Introduces the “Online Performance Center”

Company’s proprietary technology now provides precise iron, wedge and hybrid fittings.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, June 8th, 2016 – The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company today announced a significant expansion of its online HoganFit clubfitting process. A visit to the new Ben Hogan Online Performance Center first offers each golfer a complete Bag Mapping Analysis, which provides an insightful look into the actual technical aspects of the golfer’s current set make-up. From there, the golfer can choose to see “Ben Hogan Solutions” in a virtual clubfitting experience to re-working any aspect of their set make-up.

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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Receives 2016 TECH Fort Worth People’s Choice Award

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, May 18th, 2016- Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company today announced it has been selected as the People’s Choice Award winner at the 2016 TECH Fort Worth annual Impact Awards.

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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Introduces 2016 Tour Staff Bag

The company known for precision clubs expands its bag line.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, April 21, 2016 - The Ben Hogan Golf  Equipment Company is pleased to announce the introduction of the 2016 Tour Staff Bag. Combining high-tech materials and processes with a classic tour staff bag size and utility makes a statement to anyone that you are a "Hogan player".

“It’s no secret that the Ben Hogan brand has always been about quality and performance in regard to our clubs, and our new 2016 tour staff bag is no different,’ said Terry Koehler, President/CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “The staff bag represents the top of our golf bag line and has been engineered for the most discriminating golfers.”

Performance Features
The Ben Hogan Tour Staff Bag features all the pockets and accessory attachment points you could want, including three pockets with quick-access magnetic closures. This bag also includes lift-assist handles integrated into the side and bottom of the bag for ease in lifting in and out of a car trunk. Other distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Weighs a minimal 12 pounds
  • 10” top-cuff
  • 6-way velour lined top cuff
  • Thick foam padded carry strap
  • Fully customizable zip-off belly panel
  • 2 hidden water bottle pockets
  • Umbrella sleeve
  • Multi-purpose lower pocket doubles as waterproof beverage compartment
  • 3 magnetic easy access pockets

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company’s focus on quality, performance and precision continually raises the bar of designing and refining golf equipment.

Options and Pricing
The bag comes with a one year limited warranty and retails for  $450.00. It may be purchased through any Ben Hogan Authorized Dealer or directly through the website, There is an additional $15 charge for any personalization added to the bag.

*International customers will be responsible for paying additional shipping and VAT.
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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Introduces FT. WORTH hi Irons

FORTH WORTH, TEXAS, February 1, 2016 – Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company is pleased to announce the introduction of the FT. WORTH hi irons creating an industry first approach to having two sets of players irons in the lower lofts to provide custom offerings for any player.

“We listened to our customers and decided that one set of player’s irons was not enough,” said Terry Koehler, President/CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “With the FT. WORTH hi irons, we are able to deliver game improvement technologies where it is needed most-in the long irons-while maintain the exacting tolerances, feel and shotmaking characteristics of our industry leading FT. WORTH irons and TK wedges.”

The new FT. WORTH hi irons offer the ultimate performance, feel and sound that Mr. Hogan would have demanded, while embracing industry-first technologies to give golfers a level of precision never before seen in the game.

Key Features of the FT. WORTH hi irons

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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Introduces PTx Irons

Pure forged irons that deliver unbelievable feel, unmatched distance, consistency and more spin and greenside performance than any other game improvement iron.

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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Introduces VKTR Hybrids - Precision Driven Engineering with Tour Inspired Shaping

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, January 20, 2016 – The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company debuts the new VKTR hybrid golf clubs revolutionizing the way golfers integrate hybrids into their set.

“It is no secret that Mr. Hogan was a precise long iron player,” said Terry Koehler, President/CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “But we also have found prototype clubs in his personal collection dating back to the 1960s that would have to be classified as ‘hybrids’. Our goal with the VKTR product line was to make a set of hybrids that combine the feel and shotmaking capabilities of an iron with the performance and playability of a utility club. We believe these VKTR hybrids are the kind of clubs that Mr. Hogan would have enjoyed playing.”

The patent pending VKTR hybrids are designed as a long iron alternative for players who are seeking higher ball flight without sacrificing enhanced workability, distance control and performance from a variety of lies. Creating the industry’s most advanced movable weight technology system for hybrids, the VKTR hybrids provide golfers the same unmatched performance in the long end of the set as is found in the scoring range.

Precision Driven Engineering
Interchangeable 18g and 2g weights around the extreme perimeter of the club moves the center of gravity in a way that results in customizable ball flights while eliminating “out of the box” draw or fade biases

Gapping hybrids to your iron set has never been easier
Offered in every loft from 17° to 27°, the VKTR hybrids provide the ultimate in precision distance gapping capabilities

Tour Inspired Shaping
Top-down address profile:

  • With over 10 years of shaping feedback from the best players in the world the VKTR hybrids were designed with a profile that establishes confidence at address.
  • Progressive sizing offers a larger head with higher launch and more forgiveness on the lower lofts and a more compact head shape for a more penetrating ball flight and improved workability on higher lofts.
  • High-square toe helps players set-up to the ball square to the target line.
  • Face-on profile:
  • Slightly taller face design for increased workability
  • Similar face shape as irons for a seamless transition from hybrid to iron.

“The majority of golfers find hybrids lacking as efficient long-range approach clubs because of the low spin rates generally found in today’s alternatives,” added Koehler. “The VKTR design and perimeter weighting system creates the proper launch angle and spin rates needed to generate the ideal ball flight to hold greens from long range. Our independent robot testing shows that the VKTR hybrid results in an increase in spin rates and angle of descents with consistent distance control.”

The VKTR hybrids are the only high performance hybrids in the industry that are designed to seamlessly integrate with any set of irons. Through the HoganFit™ online experience, golfers of all abilities will be able to precisely blend the right set of hybrids into their bag to ensure optimal gapping across the long end of the set like never before. By having the ability to choose from the industry leading 11 loft options, the Ben Hogan Equipment Company will provide the most accurately custom-matched set in golf.

Options, pricing and availability
The VKTR hybrids will be begin shipping in April 2016 with the UST Mamiya IROD graphite shaft in three weight classes and four flexes and retailing for $249 per club. The company also offers an extensive list of custom shafts and grip options.
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